OMG We are Breaking Up and this is how you do it in a Pretend Online Relationship

Online Relationship

Online Relationship Break Up


Do you want to break up with me and leave me devastated where I text, email, or leave you voicemails about how hurt I am? Or maybe how you just used me for sex?  Better yet, did you cheat on me?  Show it off to your friends! Or I can break your heart if you prefer.


I have had several boyfriends in the past who adore this fantasy part of my services. They show their friends and some have even made new real-time girlfriends jealous with some of my voicemails and pictures.  I beg, plead, cry, and try to get their attention. Often these boyfriends do not have typical phone sex, they just do a paid call with me so we can plot out our personalized storyline. It can actually be fun and we’ve laughed while we invent this idea. Each time, this fantasy has worked out for my phone sex boyfriend. Of course, his friends are amazed and jealous as hell!


I think it’s a cool game to play with my boyfriends, and they have all been very happy with the results. These types of calls are usually one or two time calls and then I do my end of the deal for them. I don’t often hear from them again except for the thank yous.  I appreciate this fantasy and the guy who wants this type of attention. And it’s a lot of fun for me to play along!