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Are You My Online Boyfriend?


Who might want to be my pretend Phone Sex online boyfriend or want to use my service? How can you know if talking to me is right for you? Maybe one of the following descriptions fits you. These are all real things that many of my online boyfriends have said.

You aren’t a typical phone sex guy, OR you seek something more from it then some chick spewing off dirty words or grunting.

You want a “connection” to a woman. Perhaps you want someone who can listen, communicate, share, laugh, talk, and be “genuine” and “authentic” with you.

You want a woman around more at your convenience, not constantly, and not controlling your life.

You might want a woman’s “touch” or “guidance” in your life but you prefer being a bachelor.

You find it easier to go home and jerk off than to try and lure a chick home with you that you met in a bar. Or you prefer the fact that not being in a relationship gives you more freedom.

Perhaps your schedule is tight, you work long hours, you have many commitments and most women want too much of your time.

Maybe you have just had a long line of unsuccessful relationships and are tired of working too hard right now.

You are straight, intelligent, articulate, fun, good looking… but you don’t really ever want to get married or have kids. So eventually all real-time relationships hit a point where you have to put up or shut up… and things tend to end.

You like a little porn because you like being naughty, but you don’t live your life addicted to it, and you don’t really want to.

You have a passionate desire to know, talk to, fuck, cuddle etc with women. You might be the guy who can find something attractive in any type of woman.

You are married, crave another woman but don’t really want to cheat on your wife.

You are too shy to call a phone sex line, to join a hookup website or the like. You prefer more “personality” in a woman because that’s what turns you on.

You just want some kind of alternative relationship. Something only special to you.

Maybe you want to escape reality for a bit, talk to me and daydream… more like companionship instead of a relationship.

Maybe you like a chick who would take some time and watch some porn with you. Hell, there is enough online for free that we can share.

You might find probing a woman’s mind as fascinating and as sexy as probing… her body.

You are specific about your porn, you store it on your computer in special categories so whatever your mood is, you’ve got it. Yet you still want that female connection.

You don’t want to be the guy who needs some kind of tools or apparatus to “get off”. I’m referring to the whole domination craze or some outlandish fetish that requires equipment.

Cheating in an Online Relationship

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