Decorating the Bathroom Sink with His Sperm

Shooting His Cum All Over The Place

One of my boyfriends is a long term guy that I talk to every day.  He is super sweet and we have lots in common. I like him as a person a lot. This guy took a trip to Europe and the time zone difference makes him about 6 hours earlier than me.  He traveled with a few friends and they went out to do the tourist thing and ended up at a bar drinking some beers today.  When they got back to the house they had rented he called me. I didn’t expect to hear from him much being out of the country and all. But he couldn’t resist my sweet kiss I suppose.

His pals were passed out in drunken stupors and he took the phone into the bathroom. He was clearly drinking and wanted lots of lovey-dovey talk.  He got very riled up quickly and aggressively.  It was costing him an extra $2.00 per minute to call me from Europe on his cell phone but his raging hard on didn’t give a shit.  He was drunk and horny so he jerked off into the bathroom sink. I made him email me a photo of the mess he made. I cherish that photo.