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An Online Relationship with a Pretend Girlfriend

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I can be your Online Girlfriend

I have been an online girlfriend many times before in real life. Obviously I started my service to be a bit different and unique, and because I truly enjoy being an online girlfriend. 

Physical Traits

I’m 5ft 6 inches tall. I’m a woman so don’t expect me to state my weight, but I feel comfortable and proportionate. I am a 34 C and my waist is about 24 inches and hips I’d say are 34. I have blue/green eyes, I always call them Turquoise and they are natural. Yes, I am often complimented on them. My hair color is a dark dishwater blond.



I have a completely warped and twisted sense of humor. I like dirty jokes, rude humor, and I like to think I am immature but in a good and fun way. You can say that I am very witty and sarcastic, and I’m not a “flowery” chick who likes to talk about makeup and fashion constantly. Sure, I like those things, but I don’t bore men to death with them. Sometimes I do not to get along well with other females, and many of my close friends are male. I have a cynical nature to me, and I am a questioner, a researcher, and just analytical overall. Obviously, I think things over slowly and carefully and I am not typically impulsive.

I am extremely flirtatious, I love to tease, to tempt, to flaunt myself, and seduce men… but I am subtle about it. I’m not a chick who “seeks” attention just to have it. I love a party for instance, but I am not looking to be the center of attention. I don’t need all eyes on me. I’m confident but of course, I have insecurities.

I have a strong personality but I am not domineering. I am very secure in “who” I am personality-wise, and I know myself very well, including my flaws. I’m not afraid of confrontation but I don’t like arguments. Usually, I will defend myself when I need to, I will take a stand for something I believe in, and will speak my mind when appropriate.

I have a deeply sensitive side, I can be very gentle and sweet. I am also somewhat of a foul-mouthed party girl who loves to laugh, with people, at the irony of life, and at myself. It can depend on my mood, and who I am with.

I have good manners and was taught strong morals, values, and ethics from my family. Of course, I know how to behave like a lady and when I can let “loose”. I am most comfortable with men (or anyone) when I can just be myself. I am extremely “responsible” and most people tell me I am very level headed. You can probably tell that I have a very good sense of what I want out of life.

As your online girlfriend, you genuinely get my personality. I’m not play-acting anything because I enjoy being myself with my boyfriends.

I worked on a phone sex line part-time once, but it was kind of crappy. They coached the girls or scripted out how to do a call. I worked for a place that even did “instructional training” so that you were literally “taught” what to say. I found it stupid, very weird, and completely unnatural. I’m not like that as a person, so I didn’t last long. I need to be ME. I’ve also done a lot of modeling work over the years and traveled to many different countries.



I like sex, have a high sex drive, and can get horny very easily. But relationships haven’t worked out well for me so masturbation… is overall easier sometimes. My vibrator doesn’t try to control me, fight with me, and judge me. I am not afraid of sex, I can be very forward and aggressive sexually. I like it sensual and naughty but also like a good grudge fuck if you know what I mean. I’m actually not shy about talking sex.

I am not into females at all sexually although I have had one minor encounter. I’m totally into men and cock. I consider my sexual tastes pretty normal. I’m into eroticism, teasing, and holding back lust until you (or I) can’t take it anymore. I love lingerie. I like to seduce slowly, with sensuality. Naturally, I am not into pain because pain is not sexy to me. However, a little spanking now and then is completely fine. I’m very oral both to give and receive. I think sex should be “passionate” and delaying gratification for a bit always intensifies it.

I am not into any S&M. Truthfully, I like men to be men, not feminine. That’s my job. Now, just because I am “sensual” doesn’t mean I am not very naughty or dirty. I love dirty words, love to talk while masturbating, or during sex in general. But I don’t get into extreme fetishes, they are just not my thing. I’m a girl next door type at heart and sexually I am attracted to men mentally first, physically second.


The Kinds of Men I Like

I like intelligent guys, I like to be able to have a conversation. You should have an interest in movies, music, books, etc. I like a shy guy, I like a talkative guy who wants to get into a deep discussion about religion or some other “taboo” topic that most people are afraid to discuss. A sense of humor is a must! I like honesty, integrity, and someone with strong values. Seriously, I like men who have respect for women. I like men who have a sensitive side but are too manly to show it. I’m not an appearance oriented woman: I would, and have dated all types of guys so I don’t have a specific “look” that attracts me.

My Pet Peeves

My pet peeves are people with huge egos, stupidity, pushiness, rudeness. People can get on my nerves easily, in particular, if they have no common sense, are closed-minded, or if they can’t recognize their own behaviors. I hate when people make “assumptions” about what I mean without clarifying it by asking me. I despise anyone who has the attitude toward me that I am stupid or talks to me in a condescending tone.


Cheating in an Online Relationship

Set up a personal one on one Phone Sex Experience like no other, with me! All you need to do is Click Here for call details. If you’d like to learn more about me then Click Here to read my profile. Or even better, want to check out my photos? Then just Click Here.



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