Some of my Online Boyfriends Like Wake Up Phone Calls

I have a few California boyfriends that I do “wake up” calls for. Now, some of them go straight into morning wood discussions and dirty talk ensues. But others literally just ask me to do it because they love the idea of a “girlfriend” calling and waking them up. It’s cute and charming to me. I like both types.  I crave sweet talk; I love to supply it like honey dripping off my lips. I love when it turns to something dirty and I love to wait it out… to hold back and let the arousal take over.

Today I called one of my boyfriends to wake him up to work out. He wanted to run a few miles and I told him to think about running to rescue me from something. After his little jaunt he called to tell me that he did and it turned him on.  Sweaty sex talk happened. We both masturbated.  I’m still worked up over it.