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Phone Sex Prices and Services That I Provide and How It Works


Phone Call Experiences are $1.50 per minute

10 min for $15.00 is the shortest amount of “Experience” you can buy

30 Minutes  is just $45.00 and is the most popular amount of time spent

Call Roxy toll free at 1-888-516-4288
USA or Canada only!

Yes, I will accept other forms of Payment = Prepaid Credit Cards or Amazon! Email me for details

When can you call me? Try me 10 am until 3 pm EST and again 8 pm to 10 pm. I take a little time off for dinner and to walk the dog in the afternoon. I’m available Monday through Friday. On weekends you are welcome to try me but usually, I am not available.

As a Brand new phone sex “Boyfriend” Your First Phone Call to Me will be to this Number: 1-888-516-4288. After your billing information is set up and prepared we can do our call. Yes, I will provide an email to you with naked photos of me with a paid call. I do not post them online intentionally as they are to remain private between you and me. I DO NOT do ANY webcam sessions as those can be recorded, please do not ask.

Special Note: My Availability does have it’s a limit. I do have a real life away from the telephone and computer. I live on the East Coast and I can usually be available from 10 am to about 3 pm and again at 8 pm to 10 pm during the week. Sometimes a little earlier or later per request. On weekends it’s touch and go for the phone and much easier for me to text. If you would like to be sure about my availability then feel free to Email Me.

Business Notes:

My service is a legitimate business. I am a registered Corporation, I file taxes, I comply with federal laws and regulations regarding my services, and all billing is handled professionally, tactfully, as well as discreetly. I’m an amateur at building websites, and I am flexible in our entertainment play. I am not flexible in how I run an ethical business. I’m happy to answer any business questions that you have.

This site has a No Spam policy. That means I won’t contact you “first” by email ever, or without your request for me to do so. You won’t get spam from me with special offers etc. Any special offers or “sales” I may do will be posted on this site, not sent to you by email.

The same is true about the information you provide me for billing. You are only billed for “services” you use. There are no reoccurring charges unless you request them. You can but do not have to purchase a package upfront. You can make purchases on an ala carte basis and you are only charged for the actual time you USE. For example: if you request a 60-minute long call but only use 35 minutes then your charge would be reduced. You only pay for what you get or use. Time is not carried over unless you make special arrangements with me.

Nothing is ever “mailed” to you unless you request it. I will never contact you first unless you request it with a specific time. None of the information that you provide to me will be sold or traded with anyone else. I am a one woman run business and no one but me will know what we discuss, or any of your personal details.


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