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How nice of you to stop by! I am pleased to meet you, my name is Roxy. Let’s go over a few things so that we can get to know one another.  The first order of business is that this is a phone sex service owned and run by me.  Now, while I understand that you may have called a few phone sex girls in the past you probably haven’t spoken to anyone like me. I provide GFE Phone Sex.  And I realize you can find it in other places. But no one does GFE Phone Sex like I do.

You are still reading so you must be intrigued. Let me explain. I have had real internet based flings, long distance relationships, and I love people in general. I like to talk, spend some time getting to know you as an individual, and everything about the services that you purchase is uniquely designed for you, and you alone.

No one does GFE Phone Sex like I do

What does that mean? Well, every relationship you have had has been “different” hasn’t it? Everyone is different and I am different than other phone sex operators. I seek to connect with you as a person on a deeper level than just churning out calls like a factory phone slut. Every call ends up “different” and special. There is no “script” for GFE Phone Sex and how to make it work. These types of calls can’t be “taught”, they are driven by the girl’s personality. It’s also an intimate “discovery” process between two people. We have to find and build a bond together. Can it be done? Absolutely it can.

Please carefully review this website. Start with the Profile link. I think you will see the obvious dedication and the time I have devoted to this site. This is how I will also treat you.  Finally, you have found your perfect pretend girlfriend.


GFE Phone Sex


GFE Phone Sex